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by Ynsayn
18 Oct 2017, 14:37
Forum: Anncouncements
Topic: 24H - Stream 21. Oktober (DBD Special)
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24H - Stream 21. Oktober (DBD Special)

24H Stream - DBD Special (Scroll down for the englisch version) Stream: Hey Leute! Die Hope und ich werden am 21. Oktober einen 'Dead by Daylight' 24 Stunden Stream machen. Die wichtigsten Informationen findet ihr hier aufgelistet. Zeitplan: Könnt ihr der Grafik entnehmen. h...
by Ynsayn
28 Apr 2017, 15:59
Forum: Ashes of Creation
Topic: Information Videos
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Information Videos

Here you'll find some german Informations about the upcomming MMORPG "Ashes of Creation"

by Ynsayn
22 Apr 2017, 12:33
Forum: Twitch, YT, and Stuff
Topic: Twitch Commands
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Twitch Commands

Here you'll find our Twitch Commands !playbless = Gives you an "how to play bless" - guide !blessserver = Gives you the server and faction we are play on !sounds = gives you a list of sounds you can play on our stream !heist 'ymount' = starts an heist !boss = starts an boss battle !challen...
by Ynsayn
22 Apr 2017, 12:30
Forum: YG - Gaming List
Topic: Current Gaming List
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Current Gaming List

• Playerunknown's Battleground
• Bless
• Conan Exiles
• Ark
• Arma 3
• Rainbox Six Siege
by Ynsayn
11 Apr 2017, 03:39
Forum: Revelation Online
Topic: Beginner Guides
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Beginner Guides

Hier sind ein paar nüztliche Revelation Online Guides
by Ynsayn
10 Apr 2017, 13:42
Forum: About us!
Topic: About Us | Über uns!
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About Us | Über uns!

Hello Guys! Ynsayn Gaming is a smal group of passionated gamers. We are playing almost all new and funny games! The Team: Name: Ynsayn, Apox, John Age: 32 Games: MMORPGS, RPG, FPS, Strategy Stream: Mo + Wed + Fri 6pm - 11 pm (GMT+1) Hardware: CPU: I7-4790 GPU: GTX 970 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 Social Twitch: ...

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